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Model 1900 - 350 Lb Capacity

AOK Global Products, Ltd. First saw the need for an emergency evacuation chair in California. While staying in a hotel on business, an emergency forced the guests of the hotel to evacuate. We witnessed several guests stranded on the upper floors because they were confined to wheelchairs and with the elevators not working, there was simply no way to evacuate them safely, easily or quickly.

Immediately we realized that an emergency stair chair could have helped these individuals in an enormous way, and that a handicap stair chair could be utilized not just in hotels, but also in multi-story buildings of all types. AOK Global Products, Ltd. Developed and manufactured a portable, easy-to-use stair chair, and called it Rescue Chair™.

We developed two different models, serving two different weight capacities and also capable of serving the narrows aisles in the airline industry and other tight locations. Able to ride the stairs effortlessly, the emergency stair chair soon became the optimal choice of emergency personnel across the globe, and has helped to save many lives that might have otherwise been lost.

SSL      We are the original manufacturer of the Rescue Chair. Patented. #5,338,048A • #6,561,524B1 • #7,125,022B2.
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