Below you will find the answers to many common questions asked about Rescue Chair™, the emergency chair for stairs.

How many people are needed to operate the Rescue Chair?
The Rescue Chair is an easy one person operation, depending on the person's weight.

Are there any special attachments needed for the stair chair to operate?
No. The Rescue Chair is all that is required. It is ready to go right out of the box. The chair for stairs comes with a hang bracket. One steel bracket must be installed on the wall in order to hang the emergency chair stair. The Rescue Chair is always ready for immediate on-the-job protection.

How is the person seated in the stair chair secure?
The Rescue Chair comes with seat belt, head rest and hang bracket. Once the injured person is in emergency chair stair he/she is completely secure and ready for safe and easy transport to safety.

What is the recommended use for The Rescue Chair?
The Rescue Chair is intended for high-rise buildings, multi-floor office buildings, hospitals etc.

How do I learn how to use The Rescue Chair?
The Rescue Chair comes with an Instructional Wall Poster and an Instructional Video. Both are FREE with the purchase of The Rescue Chair.
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