Model 1500
Maximum Load: 500 lbs.
41"h x 15"w x 10 1/2"d
58"h x 15"w x 35"d
36 lbs.
Only 15" wide: Designed for narrow spaces.
The chair navigates effortlessly down narrow aisles.
Seating & Back: ABS Material - Color Black
Construction: 1 1/4" Dia x .090 – T6 aluminum tubing with other steel components.
Straps: Buckles quick-release safety straps at midriff and head rest.
Steel Rails: Two timing belts continuous rubber belts guided by 4 molded rollers.
Back Rubber Wheels: Two 6" Diameter x 1 1/2" Wide Rubber Wheels.
Back Locking Brakes: Two Stainless steel stop brakes.
Front Rubber Wheels: Two 4" Diameter x 1 1/4" Swivel Rubber Wheels.
Wall Mounting: Steel bracket supplied.
Turning Radius: Chair turns a full 360 within a turning radius of 35"
12 Reasons Why You Need The AOK Rescue Chair
Rescue Chair™, the chair for stairs has many valuable features that make it the optimal choice as an EMS stair chair.
1. If your facility is at risk—for those requiring stair assistance during an emergency, or if needing to be utilized as a handicap stair chair, Rescue Chair™ gets individuals downstairs safely and effortlessly.
2. The AOK Rescue Chair can be operated by one person, however, 2 to 4 people may be needed depending on the person's weight in the chair.
3. The safest and easiest way to provide stair assistance and transport a disabled person down a flight of stairs in an emergency.
4. The EMS stair chair is ready to use in just 5 seconds.
5. The stair for chairs closes to a space saving 8" to 10".
6. The AOK Rescue Chair meets and exceeds the American Disability Act (ADA) standards.
7. The handicap stair chair could be the difference between life and death.
8. Rescue Chair easily Pivots in tight 3-foot circles and landings.
9. Lightweight construction allows for easy use.
10. Rescue Chair conveniently hangs on the wall at strategic locations.
11. Continuous rubber-belted treads and friction system allows for steady, regulated descent down stairways.
12. SAFETY The Rescue Chair is available with an optional Dust Cover.
Training: Operation should be practiced during scheduled drills. Illustrated operating instructions supplied. Wall poster, DVD Training Instructions and Wall Bracket, Free Use Restrictions: Unit is designed for use on straight fire stairs only and with gradients between 28 and 39 degrees. Recommended Number of Units: Minimum 1 Chair per 15 building occupants.
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