Just one great product. The very best rescue chair around.
Safety MGR. of Transportation

One great product. A must for all buildings in an emergency.
Chairman, Safety Committee of Buildings

The first time we used the AOK Rescue Chair in an emergency it made a hit for easy handling. Safe and secure in going down stairs. Congratulations for an excellent product.
Safety Director of Schools

The best of all rescue chairs, easy to handle, loved the 4 wheels, very smooth, safe and secure.
Corporate Safety Director

Congratulations, a terrific product.
Director, Security State University

The EMS personnel at our station will only use your AOK Rescue Chair when needed.
EMS Paramedic

  The AOK Rescue Chair is an exceptional chair when we lost power during an oil burning fire in a smoke filled building, we evacuated all our disabled people safely. Thank you for a great concept and an excellent product.
Safety MRG of Buildings

The ease and mobility of the AOK Rescue Chair helped us to safely move our disabled people down the stairs quickly and safely when we had an electric fire.
Security Officer

I′m impressed with the AOK Rescue Chair in the ease of use and handling. High praise for the chairs.
Buying Director of Schools

Our nurses and all our personnel staff were impressed with the ease of the AOK Rescue Chairs. It served us extraordinarily well in our emergency situation.
Director of Hospitals

Your AOK Rescue Chairs saved the day when we had to evacuate disabled people at the university when our electric power went out during a fire.
Security Director, State University

Very satisfied with the AOK Rescue Chair. It is one great product we have them on all our ambulances and fire trucks.
Fire Chief

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